Water Filters

D&G offer the complete range of water filtration, from Plastic Filter Housings to Brass, Cast iron and Stainless Steel. They can be supplied in simplex, duplex or any configuration as per customers requirements. The filter elements fitted start from Spun Bonded Polyester, Nylon Mesh, Polyester Pleated, string wound, wrapped or resin bonded, Sintered Bronze or Sintered Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Mesh Wrap Round, Stainless Steel Mesh Pleated or Wedge Wire Slot Tube. Elements come in many sizes or microns, please call for details.

Domestic Water Filters

We also offer a range of filter housings and elements for domestic under sink filtration. Housings come in a variety of sizes with various port sizes and fittings, with mounting brackets and bowl spanners as an option. Elements can be spun bonded, carbon, string wound, wrapped or resin bonded, reverse osmosis and coming in many sizes and microns. Our Water Gem pack is the ideal first entry domestic tap coming with all that is required for easy plumbing do it yourself installation.

Filter Baskets & Strainers

D&G offer a wide range of filter baskets and strainers. Made from 304 and 316 stainless steel, making for a cleanable, reusable product .

Coming as a perforated basket or with a wire mesh lining or pleated stainless steel mesh to reduce the chances of material migration, we have a range of mesh sizes and perforated material available suitable for use in the mining, food and beverage, chemical and water industries to name a few.

D&G can also offer suction strainers which can have threaded or plain polo connections, they come with stainless steel perforated or stainless steel mesh rap around or some cases both.

We offer baskets and strainers for original manufacturers specifications or bespoke items made to our customers requirements.

Poly - Pigs

Polly Pigs are designed to clean or move material in pipelines. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from foam swabs to clean out any silt in pipelines to the aggressive wire brush poly pigs for cleaning rusty deposits off steel pipes. They are also used to convey material such as gas, oil, water or even chocolate along pipelines. The poly pigs are made slightly bigger than the pipeline so when they are launched into the pipeline they form a seal.

D&G can supply foam swabs from 25mm O/D to 150mm O/D and poly pigs from 6mm O/D to 130mm O/D which can be made from low to high density foam which are desined for more aggressive cleaning. The higher density poly pigs can be made with silicone carbide tips on the outside or wire brush. For plastic pipelines the high density foam can used for aggressive cleaning but incorporating a Velcro type coating on the outside to prevent scratching of the inside of pipelines. Please do not hesitate to ask for a quotation for any requirements of pipe cleaning you may have.

Key Applications
We supply water filtration to plastic injection moulding, coal mines, printing, dental practices and many more.

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